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Jul. 28th, 2011 05:31 pm
Is it just me, or has Dreamwidth become unbelievably slow with LJ on the blink? I can load my LJ friends page faster than my DW reading page, though I still can't post to LJ.
I've been thinking about Dreamwidth, particularly since someone I know posted an annoyed message about LiveJournal, saying they'll be glad when everyone migrates to Dreamwidth. Mostly because I've had a Dreamwidth account since they first sold accounts and this is only my second post. So, why haven't I posted to Dreamwidth?

1. I don't trust it. No offense to its fannish creators, but quite frankly I trust "them" more than I trust "us," where them is SixApart and us is fandom as a whole. I still want to see Dreamwidth weather its first major fannish meltdown before I'll trust it not to take sides, not to fuck up even more than LiveJournal has. Because here, we're not an often-invisible minority uncertain of our welcome, we're it. We're not trying to fly under the radar and there's no incentive for people to try to keep "management" out of our kerfuffles.

2. It's ugly. This isn't a big deal, or rather it shouldn't be, except for one thing. I'm a software developer, with experience and interest in CSS and other things that are part of site customization. And yet I can't find a single, clearly-written, vaguely-intelligible document on creating custom styles. Maybe it's out there, maybe it's somewhere obvious, but I can't find it.

3. Which leads to the third item, I can't find ANYTHING on this site. Nothing is where I expect to find it, nothing is in any arrangement that makes sense to me. I understand that Denise and Mark spent time and money on usability studies to rearrange where menu commands and icons go, and all I can figure out is that my brain doesn't work the way their testers' brains do, because to me purely random would make more sense.

I bought a paid account to create this journal--cyber-squatting on my own first name, to be honest--because I wasn't really eager to move over here and figured I shouldn't take invite codes away from people who really were interested. Three months later I still see no need to move.


May. 1st, 2009 02:54 pm
I am adina_atl on Live Journal.

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